Psychic Abilities


Clairsentience is the combination of clairvoyance and clairaudience. The word literally means “clear sensing”. When a person can receive smells, tastes, sensations, emotions, thoughts and ideas remotely he/she is called a clairsentient. Any physical sensation that cannot be felt or experienced through normal senses is known as clairsentience. Numerous instances of clairsentience have occurred in various parts of the world since time immemorial. It still remains an unexplained phenomena to this day. Like all other psychic powers, clairsentience also can be worked on and improved over time. You have to be born with this ability in you, but it’s upto you to perfect it with your psychic experiences. You can spontaneously be struck with a pang when a loved one is in pain but you can find out who it is if you hone this skill. Since it is something that has to be‘done’ from a distance, you can easily be led by your subconscious to a notion that makes you sense something completely wrong. The key to avoid being delusional and give an accurate psychic reading is to let it come naturally to you. If you let it manifest by itself, you will feel the energy of a spirit entering your body and establishing a connection with you.


Clairaudience, which means “clear hearing”, is a kind of clairvoyance that makes extra-sensory hearing possible. A clairaudient can hear an inner-voice speaking to them. More often than not, these voices convey words of wisdom. It is an auditory perception that takes place outside the normal channels of sense. The gift of Clairaudience is difficult to discern. One who is blessed with this psychic ability is able to hear messages from departed souls, guardian spirits and spirits that try to communicate with this world for a reason. Clairauditory experiences often leave a little pressure on the top of the head, where the ‘crown chakra’ is situated. The uniqueness of this ability lies in the fact that it doesn’t just come in the form of words. In fact, it is far beyond what we know as auditory perception. And therefore, one should never confuse this with the day-to-day chatter that goes on in the conscious mind. If you are a keen psychic, you can control the extent of your clairaudient power in an altered state of mind that you have to ascend to through meditation. Life in the modern world is very chaotic which makes it more difficult than ever to offer accurate psychic services using your gift of clairaudience.


As bizarre as it may sound, Pyrokinesis is the ability to create fire. Actually, it lets you do a lot more with fire than just creating it. If you have this ability, you can do everything from putting out a candle to increasing the temperature of your room by focusing your attention on it. The psychic experiences of pyrokinesis can occur in the form of an increase in your body heat. But that is also the symptom of fever, that’s why the existence or manifestation of this psychic ability is often overlooked. Just like most of the psychic abilities, pyrokinesis can also be improved. But it is a rare gift, which is why, we don’t get to hear about it as often as clairvoyance or astral projection. It needs extreme control so that you don’t harm anyone or anything in the process of your free psychic reading. It is a complicated skill that needs to be practiced with utmost care. If you are a new “pyschic” – as you may refer to yourself, seek the guidance of an experienced psychic medium or take complete psychic training before embarking on your journey of psychic reading as a professional. Remember, to master the skill, you need extreme discipline and undivided concentration.

Astral Projection

Also known as astral travel, lucid dreaming or remote viewing, Astral Projection is a form of OBE (out-of-body experience). It involves th transfer of the soul to another location through the ‘astral body’ – a kind of mystic body double of yours. The movements of the astral body in the parallel world or astral plane are in sync with your movements in this world. Like all the other Psychic Abilities (phycic abilities as some would wrongly like to call), Astral Projection needs a high level of concentration and an enhanced awareness of the metaphysical world. When Real Psychics astral travel, his/her conscious mind separates from the physical body. The subconscious manifests itself through energy during Astral Projection. It enables you to ascend to a spiritual realm where the earthly definitions of time and space don’t work. Your body actually sleeps during the whole process, but a part of your mind stays awake in order to let you know what you perceive in the astral plane. Developing psychic abilities like Astral Projection requires your total control over your mind. Any Keen Psychic can experience Astral Projection, all you need to do is gain Accurate control over your consciousness in such a way that even if you are asleep, you are conscious on a subtle level.


Literally meaning ‘clear seeing’ in French, Clairvoyance is a very prominent psychic ability that manifests into communication with spirits from the astral plane. The communications that take place though Clairvoyance often convey messages or information to the clairvoyant or Free Psychic. Throughout history, countless incidents of Clairvoyance has been experienced by many Famous Psychics. Due to its mystical essence, this Psychic Ability has gained entry into several mythologies and religious texts. For example, the Hindu religious texts describe Clairvoyance as siddhi. Clairvoyant Test was also quite popular in the spiritualist movement of the past century. Clairvoyance lets you perceive things that cannot otherwise be perceived through the normal sight. This supernatural vision exists in humans as well as animals. The most common instance of Clairvoyance is when you suddenly see a dear one in danger and it turns out that the person actually IS in danger. Any keen psychic, online or otherwise, should have a spontaneous manifestation of Clairvoyance. If you are wondering how to be psychic (or pychic, as some of you would type erroneously), you can’t do it without proper discipline and regular meditation. You should open your senses to the astral realm so that spirits can easily communicate with you, use your Psychic Services to convey their messages.