Psychic Facts

Innumerable non-fictional and true psychic incidences and spiritual occurrences abound in every part of the world. Welcome to the ‘Am I Psychic’ facts page which is here to surprise and enlighten your otherwise skeptical mind about all those phenomena that is inexplicable by science or logic. We human beings sometimes act as slaves to reason and mechanism, often overlooking the unending powers and limitless domain of our own mind which is connected with the eternal universe and its ceaseless hidden potentials. Psychic Facts unleashes all the factual truths and evident existence of supernatural phenomena like psychic dreams, psychic medium and other worldly entities, the essence of which is felt, heard and seen by extra sensitive people with psychic powers. It will also clear all misconceptions and ambivalences surrounding Psychism and psychic people and their psychic practices and professions.

Read on the following and open up the eyes of your mind and clear all mists of disbelief with psychic wisdom and universal faith.

Psychic Medium

A psychic medium communicates with the spiritual world through a process known as ‘Channeling’. True psychics get knowledge and train themselves to channel their psychic energy to connect with the transcendental realms and cut across the borders that delineates the physical with the world of spiritual entities. The proper channeling makes them correspond with the external energies of other worlds.

Psychic And Psychic Medium

People often have the concept that psychic and psychic medium refer to the same thing. The fact is that a psychic medium is more powerful than a psychic. True that a psychic is under pressure during his psychic exercises. But the pressure that a psychic medium has to handle is enormous compared to that of a psychic. A psychic medium can also perform a psychic’s work. But, a psychic cannot always perform what a psychic medium can.

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