Psychic Press Release

Dateline: June 21, 2010 …Kolkata, India
Contact: Subhananda Bera
Web Address:

KOLKATA, INDIA – June 21, 2010 – a renowned name in the world of the occult and the paranormal, takes pleasure to announce the launch of With its categorized sections, Am I Psychic has it all to make you want to explore – Am I Psychic?

People often feel that they are psychically able. The amazing thing is that they are not always wrong or false in demanding so. They really feel a strange power within them that helps them know things that they would not have known under normal circumstances. Again, it is not necessarily acceptable that all of them have real psychic ability. Some confuse intuition as psychic power. Some people again do not understand the difference between coincidence and psychic predictions, and they think that they have psychic ability just because what they said turned to be true. is especially helpful for those who often feel that they are gifted with psychic power, but do not find a way to get the definite answer to “Am I a psychic?” You can read the articles, videos, e-books and facts related to psychism. Each article or e-book in Am I Psychic discusses some point or the other that helps you be sure if you are psychic.

You may look for some tools that would help you find if you have psychic power. The psychic apps will let you do a psychic color test or psychic tarot test for free. will also provide you with important psychic tips, such as how to parent a psychic child, or how to develop psychic skills.

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