Psychic Scam

Much like all the other industries, the world of psychic readers also has to deal with scam. The rate of fake psychic readers is so high that every 3 out 4 psychics are phoneys. Needless to say, this number of Psychic Scam is even higher on the internet and phone. Everyone loves to believe that all the psychic readers in the world have genuine abilities. But the reality is completely different. Most of the psychics who provide online/phone readings are frauds. Their goal is to make sure you part with your hard-earned money. With that kind of a goal, anyone can go to any extent of pretence.

The most common way for a Psychic Scam reader is to tell you that you have been cursed. They will tell you repeatedly that there is some evil spell cast on you by one of your ‘enemies’ and that you will be in grave danger if you don’t remove the spell with their help. You will be scared and you will pay them whatever amount of money they ask and then they will ask for more, saying that it will take some more efforts and ‘special ingredients’ to undo the spell.

Here are some signs of a Psychic Scam:

  • Your psychic asks for your date of birth/star sign
  • Your psychic asks for the place you live in – city, town, state, country etc.
  • Your psychic says there’s a curse or evil spell on your entire family
  • Your psychic is world-famous, but has no offline business. All he/she has is a website and phone number.
  • Your psychic asks you a lot of questions and then elaborates on the answers you gave. They tell you your own answer with some added-on words.
  • Your psychic says she/he needs to buy items that will be required to extricate the evil spell or curse from you and your family
  • Your psychic threatens to put a curse on you if you don’t pay him/her the money he/she asks for.
  • Your psychic tells you to visit him/her at specific intervals.
  • Your psychic gives you a guarantee of the reading.
  • Your psychic shows you a lot of certifications and diplomas etc. as proof of his/her ability.
  • Your psychic speaks of death too much; especially yours and your near ones.

The best way to choose a genuine psychic is to believe in your intuitions. Also, pay attention to word-of-mouth. First-hand reviews from real people who have visited a psychic will let you know a lot about the psychic reader.

Here is a case of a real-life Psychic Scam victim: (Source: Yahoo Answers)

"Psychic Scam or Not!!?

I recently contacted a psychic Lauren powers because my fiance and I have been having problems. She told me that we had a connection and that we were meant to be together but that there was some negative vibes there keeping us apart. She told me for 300 hundred dollars she could cleanse us spiruatually and that we would be happy. Well I gave her the 300 hundred dollars throught western union. She is now asking for 1500 dollars more because she said could not get to the source of the negatively without further supplies and that it would cost that much to do so. She told me that if I didn't take care of this soon she saw me and my fiance splitting apart in the near future. I told her that I did not have that much money but she said I could send her payments if necessasry. Do you think this is a scam?? I am scared cause I don't want me and my bf to split but I also don't want to be ripped off.”