‘Am I Psychic?’ How To Know

‘It’s going to be a trying day for me’, uttered to self as you got up in the morning. Lo behold it happens, crazy isn’t it?

You got up late. You don’t feel like going to work, knowing you have to. You are in tremendous hurry. You just locked you door, and hurried to your car. Just then your phone rings. You receive the call, without looking at the mobile screen – “Yes dad, what is it?” The reply – “Come over here, right away. We’re ready for a short trip.”

If such things happen to you, you may start thinking that you possess psychic power, at least to some extent. Wait, nothing to exult over. Psychic ability is not very uncommon. In fact, every human soul has some psychic power. It is just that some have more of it. Those who become aware of it early in life, are known as people with psychic ability. And, others have a life-long feeling that they have some strange power that makes them know things before it occurs.

While you find the answer to – ‘Am I Psychic’, you have to consider certain important factors. You have to understand the difference between coincidence and psychic prediction. Coincidences happen just by chance. If your thoughts come true almost every now and then, and if you start getting habituated without being surprised, there is a chance that you are psychic.

People often confuse psychic power and intuition. The difference is very subtle but significant. Let’s explain. Take for example the case of your replying the phone call. If there were the slightest possibility of your father calling you up, knowing it can be considered as intuition. But, if you just know without any clue, it is your psychic power.

So, you think that you have psychic ability? Well, then you have to know another thing – the difference between psychic ability and psychic power. As stated before, many people really do have psychic ability. But psychic power is different. Psychic ability is an inborn potential, while psychic power is what you attain by excelling in it through constant practice. You hone your psychic ability, and you achieve the bliss of psychic power.

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