Are You An Empath? Find Out

Do you often feel overwhelmed with sudden surge of emotions when in public or in other people’s company, which you cannot explain or reason out? Do you get deeply moved and influenced while seeing something horrible in real life or even in television? Do you always know what the people really mean? If the answers to these questions is a ‘Yes’, then you are someone who is called an ‘Empath’. An Empath is a psychic who almost feels and suffers other peoples’ pains or emotions to an extent that he/she might even suffer from a stranger’s ailments without knowing the cause and reason for it. In the present world of human indifference and insensitivity, a natural Empath might feel like out of place. Being an Empath can be very exhaustive as we keep on absorbing and feeling others’ emotions and energies, especially when we find our surroundings full of negativities.

But for a professional psychic, being an Empath is of great significance, as this innate psychic tool helps him to connect and relate to people, their genuine problems and pains. This helps the psychic to find out the accurate spiritual solution by doing the perfect psychic reading for the client or the help-seeker. Empathy is a virtue which is associated with humanity and higher subconscious of man. An Empath possesses the developed version of this principle which can be used for spreading compassion, love and understanding through psychic communication. It is also accompanied with the psychic power of healing. It is thus a blessing in disguise which if overlooked can bring disharmony within us, because there is always a spiritual reason behind possessing this gift. Also an Empath can be identified with his love, knack and natural inclination towards any form of art, like writing, painting, music etc. Having the power of emotional expression, an Empath has the power to move a mass with motivational speaking and preaching.

This is indeed the toughest of psychic potential to come to terms with. But still there are people who are in tune with this psychic ability through regular meditations and practicing inner calm and harmony. Learn to feel one with the universal emotions and that way you can also detach from them without much influence. Try to realize and analyze those emotions and feelings which are not being caused by you and learn to know their sources, accept and acknowledge them and then release the emotions.

Remember, if you are an Empath, do not feel burdened with the thought, rather feel empowered as you have been chosen to create positive universal vibrations by projecting and absorbing emotions that can bring people and our world together.

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