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Qn : What Are The Creatures Of Darkness That A Psychic Can Witness?

Ans : Our universe is a perfect balance of good and evil, beginning and end, masculinity and femininity and of light and darkness. A true psychic can feel and communicate with all the essences of the universe and its eternal potentials. He/she can relate to the positive as well as negative energies around and can understand their reason and duration of existence. A psychic only can understand the existence of those dark creatures or negative forces of nature that live on astral planes. These creatures are often bodiless and feed upon our psychic energies and create an environment of utter negativity like negative feelings, depressions and psychopathic disturbances, aggressions and various other negative emotions.

These dark entities, which is also known as bad spirits can come across our world and try to communicate and influence us when we unknowingly open the door or portal of their plane or intrude their domains. In old days they were believed to reside in places where something gruesome or painful had occurred and that eventually trap the negative energy or curse in that particular place. Thus these dark creatures can either be the bodiless personifications of negative energies trapped in time or place or they can be spirits having aggression, jealousy and malevolence due to their past evil deeds.

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