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Qn : What Is ‘Seventh Sense’?

Ans : The word ‘sixth sense’ is pretty popular with all of us and is associated with the power of intuition and general predictions. It is proved by science that all living beings are blessed with a certain level of ‘sixth sense’ that empowers them to sense an upcoming danger and sometimes predict situations. The varying degree of ‘sixth sense’ determines our psychic abilities and instinctive powers of mild premonitions and art of telepathy.

But how many of us are aware of something called the ‘Seventh Sense’? The concept of ‘Seventh Sense’ is yet unproved and unexplained by logic and scientific laboratories. However, we all might be gifted by ‘Sixth sense’ but very few have the essence of ‘Seventh Sense’ in them. It is the uncommon virtue that is experienced by very young children or truly ‘gifted’ adults, and this enables them to see, hear and communicate with spirits and transcendental entities. People who have this power to sense other worldly existences and can communicate with them sometimes harness this potential and become psychic mediums or spiritual practitioners. But there are others who try to give logical explanations for these supernatural incidences out of their inner fear, as they can’t control and understand these phenomena.

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