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‘Am I Psychic’ articles will satisfy all your curiosities and inquisitiveness regarding the peculiarities and perceptions of psychic happenings and paranormal existences. The fascinating articles will reveal facts and truths that you have never known or heard before and thus will enlighten you with all the possible evidences and essences of psychic abnormalities and unusualness. It will also tell you vividly about people and their awareness and experiences regarding their psychic powers to predict or foresee events. The articles will deal with a psychic’s feeling and sensing of spiritual presences and occurrences around that is invisible or unfelt by others. The psychic articles enlisted here are sure to baffle and enlighten you at the same time.

Often unaware of this extraordinary trait which is mainly inborn in people, a psychic might get perplexed and baffled with its strangeness and spontaneity. And once he/she gains insight and wisdom, the same potentials can be harnessed and directed towards the betterment of humanity and individual spirituality.

Read on to surprise yourself with the hidden weapons of your subconscious.

Paul, the Psychic Octopus

Paul the Octopus was a sensation and overnight became an international celebrity. Italy claims that Paul the psychic owes its origin to Italian waters in the island of Elba, the Germans want it on their plate and Dutch priests are trying to cast off its prowess it but above all it is the Spanish who wanted to shelter it and was ready to spend $38,000 for it, stole the maximum attention... More

Clairvoyants & Their Types

The word clairvoyance with its associated words ‘clairaudience’ and ‘clairsentience’ comes from the 17th century French words - 'Clair' meaning clear and 'Voyant' means seeking. ...More

‘Am I Psychic?’ How To Know

Am I Psychic? If you have been thinking over this, here is how to find if your have psychic ability.....More

Are You An Empath? Find Out

The following article deals with a detailed definition of ‘Who is an Empath’ and how to identify whether one has this psychic ability or not. It also illustrates the various aspects and essences of being an Empath.....More

Can I Be A Professional Psychic?

Thinking of becoming a professional psychic? This article on how to be a professional psychic will tell you the essential factors.....More

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