Psychic QnA

The Q&A section deals with all mysterious and psychic questions and answers them with awestruck clarity and truth. When the realization takes place that there is a higher plane of wisdom and communication beyond our physical bodies and five senses, an individual takes his/her step towards knowing the world of psychic power and seek psychic answers to all queries. The cosmos is full of untapped energies, sounds and vibrations which if recognized and harnessed can empower an individual with its subtle forces. All we need to do to unleash the secrets, is just focus and fine tune our soul with the universe with complete faith and respect for the powers. The most important thing one has to learn and believe is the truth that every living thing with consciousness is associated with everything else in the universe. An unseen chord binds us all-humans, animals and plants permeating to our minds and binding our souls together.

The mind of a person with psychic abilities is full of limitless and varied questions related to his life, his spiritual pursuits, his thoughts and insights about transcendental incidences and his dealings and treatment of this unusual but superior power of psyche.

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